Zero Waste in circular economy

This week, from Monday 1 to Saturday 6 February 2021 is the 'Week of the circular economy'

We are proud that we have been able to actively contribute to the transition to the Zero waste and circular economy for many years.

'From chains to cycles', that's what Pop Up Pallets strives for.

Isn't the economy of “Take-Make-Throw Away” completely obsolete in 2021?
Since the establishment of Pop Up Pallets in 2012, Pop Up Pallets does not have a waste container, because we use raw materials and materials for interior and exhibition projects better and smarter and reuse them every time. The PUP pallets that were delivered in 2012 are still used to this day. The PUP pallet is made entirely of solid Scandinavian spruce wood from regulated wood extraction. Each plank is attached with 6 special nails to three solid beams of 10 cm. The PUP pallet is made of dry wood and is suitable for the interior and (after treatment) for outdoor use and is literally 100% circular and sustainable.

Build with Pallets

It goes without saying that we make new products from used raw materials. Our Pop Up stand construction, festival and interior designs are designs that can be taken apart again and again, and reassembled in a different form, so that these recyclable products last almost endlessly.

Zero Waste and the circular economy strives for a world in which waste does not exist.

The wish of our clients (such as the Vegan Food Festival, Spar International, the Fan Fair, The Bio Fair and many others) is the principle 'Zero waste' , which translates into the following objectives:

  • Preventing and limiting the use of primary raw materials in the production of materials, goods and food.
  • Keeping materials and goods in circulation for as long as possible: closing chains.
  • Avoid the generation of waste and emissions as much as possible

Waste is actually a very bad business model. Because why would you make something that has no value or even costs money to get rid of it. Basically, waste is just silly. ”
loosely translated from a statement by Bill McDonough in the film of VPRO's Tegenlicht about Cradle to Cradle 2006

In the following videos you can watch how a large event is set up and dismantled in a short time without leaving any trace ... at most, some sawdust.

Pop Up Pallets screw

Here is a photo of one of our strong Pop Up Pallets 'employees', who has built event furniture and stands at Mysteryland, in the ABNAMRO head office, Slot Haarzuilens, the Duikbeurs, an outdoor event for Spar Nederland, CIRCL in Amsterdam Zuidoost, De Kromhouthallen and for Google in Sugarcity in Halfweg.
Our crew carefully unscrews the screws from the wood and even picks up the last remaining wood to make sure that everything goes back to the workshop for use on the next project. Pop Up Pallets is not much to the old hardware dealer. 😉

We are happy to show you a good example of circular entrepreneurship based on figures.

0 kg of waste was produced on 1,200 m2 of exhibition space. That's what we do it for!

1200 m2 exhibition area
4215 screws (reusable)
5 hours of exhibition build-up

Finally, Pop Up Pallets has been contributing to social innovation for 9 years in which we get the best out of our employees, jointly creating new opportunities.
create and ensure structural innovations in work processes and working attitudes.
The production of circular furniture, stand construction, event and festival decoration and socially responsible business processes are necessary for Pop Up Pallets to maintain its right to exist in the future and to remain competitive.

Are you also inspired by circular business operations? There are many benefits!

  • Cost savings through less use of raw materials, less downtime and less waste in process and product (redesign).
  • New circular business and revenue models, for example by introducing sharing, rental or service concepts.
  • Repairing, refurbishing and upgrading of discarded goods and recycling waste.

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