Retrospective foodexperience Grocery trade fair

We look back on a fantastic fair.
Which elements make it fantastic?
* we are well involved in the flow of ideas from Kruidenier, in particular the ideas of Dino Lobbes (commercial director Kruidenier)
* we have been addressed for something that we can do well; co-create
* we were free to come up with creative solutions and were strengthened in this by input and expertise from an entire team at Kruidenier foodservice
* we have made the pallet concepts with pleasure in advance
* realization on site made us enthusiastic
* logistically we were helped to get everything on transport and the Kruidenier drivers were fantastic
* a set-up / breakdown crew to love
* extra help from all sides
* positive reactions from booth users and audience
* We feel so good rich

Wow factor has succeeded in our opinion!

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