Stand construction Design District Zaandam.

Suppose you have little money to spend and you want a stand at the Design District fair within a week?

Being a frost on the m2 is a real Pop up Pallets challenge and together with the customer we come to the conclusion that the previously built arrangement of the Architecten shop in Amersfoort is the best design in this setting. A high table at which you can speak to customers, an exit for displaying design material. A great rental deal. Customer happy we happy.

Can we just emphasize that everything in the stand is reused?

Sustainable use of pallets, the floor is delivered clean and the pallets are reused in a different setting.

Look, we at Pop up pallets are good at that. Recycling materials… with a touch and return

Stand construction with speaking area at bar height and display options.

Stand in front of the Design District in Zaandam.


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