PUP Projects from pallet wood

For special projects of pallet wood for expandable furniture and interior designs, Pop Up Pallets is a good, durable and affordable choice!

The wooden pallet construction system is ideal for modular construction of furniture, trendy accessories and complete furnishings, without losing sight of the modern and sleek design.

PUP Projects made of pallet wood have an environmentally friendly, fair-trade and fair-made character

It is not unimportant that you contribute to a cleaner world with the purchase of Pop Up Pallets!

Our pallets are recyclable and leave little waste during manufacture ... all for a better environment.
Pop Up Pallets, located in Amersfoort, wants to profile itself as a socially involved company and offers people with a distance to the labor market a pleasant workplace, where the employee can make a potential contribution to the manufacture of our pallets.
If you are interested in joining our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

PUP wooden pallet projects originated as 'OPEN SOURCE' design.

We want to share the possibilities of PUP with everyone, as openly and easily as possible:

- anyone can design and build. Feel free to get started with pen and paper, with a drawing program or with the PUP mini pallets to scale!

- all designs are publicly shared in the Google drawing program Sketch Up .

- transparent costs and low rates

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