Pop up Pallets international… .Belgium above!

From interested -> to customer -> to user of a Pop up Pallet office interior in a week and a half.

Isn't this a little fast .. yes it is and yes it is possible. After all, pop-up pen is in our name… and we are happy to live up to that.

On Monday morning 27 May '13 we meet a driven and passionate businessman Jan Robert van Veen. He has an idea of what he would like with the design of his recently acquired Wood Company Foronex. We receive it in our showroom and there is a click. Our Pallet office furnishing gives a practical picture and enthusiasm arises among our visitors and of course also with us.

We quickly write an order for existing designs that have just been conceived on the spot. Stacking good ideas with an enthusiastic visitor makes us happy. You can deliver the ham demand quickly. And we can. The deal is closed!

When our conversation is over, we start all orders, the drawings for the workshop are made, we put stripes in our agendas and get to work.

We start production like a machine and after a good number of hours of the PuP team and a top volunteer we are ready to load our work in a large truck on Monday 3 June and we will join 4 people to do the job on site. assemble pre-assembled furniture. In the afternoon at 4 pm, everything will be assembled, by appointment in the rooms in Wielsbeke.

Downstairs, the 4 meter table is in use immediately. Upstairs, all desks are ready for use.

Proud of the result. Created a place where we hope that future users will enjoy working and where we hope that the setting contributes to a dynamic and creative mind set.

These kinds of assignments make us sharp and get going. Tastes for more ... and eh we love the Belgian fries!

pallets, office furnishings

Twice a 3 meter pallet table connected by a metal cable duct.

Foronex Belgium works on the PuP pallet

Two 4-meter table connected with a metal cable tray.

pallet conference table

Solid conference table for 8 to 12 people

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