Those who have a birthday treat! Join the PUP Challenge!

Are you enterprising and do you want to set up a temporary Pop-up-Shop?


Then join the PUP Challenge!

POP UP PALLETS is celebrating its 5-year anniversary and is giving away beautiful gifts… because those who have a birthday are in for a treat!

We are happy to explain the PUP Challenge to you:

There are many vacant retail or business premises in the Netherlands that ask for creative entrepreneurs… for permanent or temporary rent. We temporarily offer sustainable shop construction furniture, which is built up in 'No-Time' and also dismantled.

Are you a retailer, catering entrepreneur or self-employed person who is interested in a 'temporary' interior, grab this opportunity!

We are curious about your plan and ambition and want to help your entrepreneurship a big step forward.

If you want to take the PUP challenge, take the following steps:

  1. Share our Challenge on social media
  2. Describe your plan briefly and concisely and indicate what you want, where and when

If you want to keep your plan secret for a while, you can also send your idea in a personal message on Facebook, via our website or by e-mail. We do of course count on your involvement on social media 😉

Whether you want to design a dairy shop on-the-go for Friesland Campina or you want to serve blue pancakes in your own pancake bakery .. surprise us and share your creative idea with us!
Our jury makes a choice from the most original plan !

It is not without reason that our slogan is “Think outside The pallet”

What can you win with the PUP Challenge?

1st prize - a Pop-up-Shop for 2 months worth € 2,000

Pop Up Pallets supplies an interior, based on PUP Pallets and materials.
It goes without saying that the Pop Up Pallets team will further develop your idea and design the interior (together with you or taking your wishes into account. of course neatly on!
It goes without saying that Pop Up Pallets is not responsible for the rental of the desired location, the (company) insurance and the utilities.

Pop Up Shop

1st prize - Pop Up Shop furnishing as desired for a period of 2 months


Aren't you the lucky winner of the first prize? We give away even more gifts:

2nd prize: The 'Groningen' - a Pop-Up-Market stall or modular stand worth € 340, =

Pop Up Market stall - Counter

2nd prize Pop-Up Market stall - Counter

3rd prize: 6 sturdy metal industrial chairs based on the 'Tolix' design with a value of € 246, -

Tolix chair replica red
3rd prize: 6 chairs based on the design 'Tolix

Of course there are a few preconditions:

You can submit until 22 May 2017 at the latest
If your idea is awarded, we may publicize the plan and implementation.
That of course also gives you 'free publicity'!


The prize winners will be announced on Tuesday, June 7, 2017 !
Keep an eye on the website or follow us on Social media for the results.
Pop Up Pallets can be found on Twitter , Facebook . LinkedIn and Pinterest

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