Taste 2018 sustainable and mobile event furniture


Design Trial Amersfoort 2018: Marcel de Heusden

The continuation of Proef Amersfoort arose from a collaboration of two Amersfoort companies. Timo Braeken from Zinin! Events and furniture designer Egbert van Triest of Pop Up Pallets have sought each other out to prevent a beautiful Amersfoort event like Proef from going dead, as a result of municipal decisions.

Organizer Zinin! Events investigated new location options with the condition to keep Proef 2018 as close as possible to the city center, because Proef is from Amersfoort and vice versa… It must remain a 033 festival.

Why was the Oliemolenhof next to De Nieuwe Stad chosen?

The organization has opted for De Nieuwe Stad, where Proef had already organized a Winter Trial twice in previous years in the adjacent former Prodent factory (cultural heritage).
Relocation to this vibrant breeding ground for new initiatives is a well-considered choice. In De Nieuwe Stad on the Oliemolenhof there is plenty of room to move around, there are good parking facilities all around, and for visitors the location is easily accessible on foot from the historic city center, in short, an excellent event location. In addition, De Oliemolenhof was chosen as a location for its space and openness, where the business visitor can network, individually or in a group, and the private visitor can enjoy gastronomic delights and relax with friends or family.

Event construction in the sign of sustainability and flexibility with an open contemporary look

Proef Amersfoort has been partly adapted to the new location, with sustainable wooden pavilions, designed by Pop Up Pallets, which are completely fair-made, with an open, contemporary look and, moreover, easy to reuse in any form. In the New City and at other locations within Amersfoort (and beyond) Pop Up Pallets has designed and produced modular furniture for commercial buildings, stand construction and events. Think of the Amersfoortse Bierwinkel Hop, Seats to Meet location Meet & Discover !, Restaurant Het Lokaal, Meeting center De Eenhoorn and several Regardz conference and meeting locations throughout the Netherlands.


Why sustainable and mobile event furniture during Proef 2018 in Amersfoort?

Portable and mobile event furniture are collective terms that in event construction mean that the pavilions are quick and easy to build, transport and store easily.

Mobile event furniture is a sustainable alternative to traditional event construction in which a pavilion is built for single use. The mobile pavilions can be set up and taken down as a kit, which provides flexibility in design.

The participating regional restaurateurs and catering companies have very diverse cuisines and are a culinary host for the city of Amersfoort for five days.

The event has been partly adapted to the new location, but the proven formula remains 'tasteful' and 'controversial'.

From 9 to 13 May 2018 (around Ascension Day), the regional restaurateurs will be on hand to provide PROEF visitors with the tastiest snacks and drinks.
The preparations to turn this edition into another Amersfoort party are in full swing.

The sustainable and mobile event furniture from Pop Up Pallets is for sale, but also for rent. Whether it concerns the total event concept including event pavilions or, for example, bar furniture, lounge corners, standing tables… everything is possible.

Feel free to call for a quote!

Would you like to read more… In the special edition of the magazine OnderNamen Amersfoort , which is entirely devoted to the upcoming culinary event Proef Amersfoort, you can read all about the organization, the suppliers and the catering participants.


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