Pop up pallets launches vertical pallet garden

A vertical garden is the solution for lack of space on balconies and in city gardens.

To offer a solution to a lack of space on balconies and small urban gardens, PUP has developed the vertical Pallet Garden. The garden, like the other products of the interior and furniture company, is made of durable pallets and offers space for plants, herbs and flowers.
With a depth of 12 centimeters, even the smallest balcony or the smaller garden is transformed into a green oasis.
The PUP garden is available at www.popuppallets.nl

The vertical pallet garden turns your wall into a green wall

The vertical pallet garden is made up of FSC spruce wood panels to which containers for the plants are attached, creating a green wall, as it were, in a lush planting.
Owner of Pop Up Pallets, Egbert van Triest, knows better than anyone that the Dutch are known for their love of gardens. This is also evident from the enthusiasm and popularity surrounding the vegetable gardens of Albert Heijn. Unfortunately, not everyone has the space to garden. This assumption inspired Egbert to create the vertical garden. An ideal solution for everyone who owns a small outdoor space, who likes to have beautiful greenery around them.

What are the features of the vertical pallet garden?

The vertical pallet garden is made of raw and new wood and is produced in the Netherlands and comes standard with adjustable trays, hanging hooks and foil.
The PUP garden is available in three sizes: LITTLE PLANET 80 x 100 cm, BUTTERFLY 160 x 100 cm and EVERGREEN 240 x 100 cm and is available at www.popuppallets.nl. To extend the life of your vertical garden, your garden furniture is provided with a durable and protective stain for an additional charge.

The vertical pallet garden can also be ordered online in our webshop !

vertical pallet garden LITTLE PLANET

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