Pop up furniture from pallets during the event.

Event decoration with pallets of furniture.

Event decoration with pallets of furniture.

An event in an empty room?

A Pop up setting for an evening? No idea how to do this? Daily Deli knows what to do with these events and, in addition to the meal, also provides a good look and feel for the guests. They have found their way to our company and rent the robust, sturdy pop-up furniture from us. We can quickly deliver the field kitchen and a number of tables that are adjustable in height (35-45-60-75-90-100 cm). As well as the various kitchen units made entirely from pallets.

An empty space quickly takes on a good appearance if the furniture made of natural wood is placed in spruce. With two people it is a matter of hooking the table top into the legs and the table is solid. The pallet kitchen can easily be connected to the water supply and is operable on site. We have different kitchen units. There are also units without a sink that are suitable as a dispensing point or as a (cash register) counter, for example. In short, there is a Pallet solution for every furnishing wish.

Curious about the pop-up options? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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