Pop Up decor for the VINT Symposium 2020

On June 16, Sogeti Nederland again organized the annual VINT Symposium 2020. Due to the corona measures, the Symposium got a digital turn and was recorded live at 't Spant in Bussum.
Pop Up Pallets was allowed to carry out the set construction for the 4 'social hubs' on stage.

Pop Up Pallets feels connected to this great assignment for the simple reason that flexibility, creativity, collaboration, circular use and sustainability are simply part of our DNA.

About our client Sogeti Nederland

Sogeti is one of the largest IT service providers in the Netherlands. 2400 Sogeti employees deal with technology every day. Sogeti Academy has been transferring the technical knowledge and expertise of Sogetisten to customers and their employees since 2006.
The Exploratory Institute for New Technology (VINT) has its origins in the pursuit of continuously operating at the forefront of technological progress. VINT was founded in 1994 by Michiel Boreel, CTO of the Sogeti Group and is part of SogetiLabs; Sogeti's global network of technology experts. The institute knows how to inspire customers and employees with innovative applications of new technology.

What does the post-corona time look like?

We fly from world to world at the speed of light, but since March 2020 we have been doing so with the utmost care with respect for nature and the environment.

The guest speakers at the VINT symposium 2020 inspire and stimulate new opportunities and possibilities that present themselves when we can leave the COVID-19 crisis behind us. This year's theme is for a reason:

Reshape: The New Possible

View the main themes of the Symposium below:

Infinite creativity

The original (Pre Corona) themes of VINT “Reshape” and “Infinite creativity” have only gained relevance in the current situation. Innovation offers many opportunities for an infinitely more creative future.

Machine Creativity

What creative role will machines play in the future? Artificial Intelligence or artificial intelligence is a growing technology. Can the creativity of the machine lead humans to greater creative achievements? What are the consequences for business, society and for you?


Changes and innovations in healthcare have gained momentum in the past period. In the context of “Reshape” we zoom in on the digital transformation that we personally undergo and what possibilities are within reach for everyone.

Next Nature

What does the post-COVID era look like from the perspective of nature? Does this period have major consequences for everything that grows and blooms?

Watch the VINT symposium 2020 online here!


Interesting reports and publications can be downloaded from the Sogeti website!

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