The three pillars of Pop Up Pallets


pup-1 PUP is 100% PUP
We are a design studio, a creative agency, we do engineering, we have a traditional wood workshop, we provide event service, we provide set-up and dismantling services and we take care of the entire logistics. PUP is also 100% Dutch (except for some pallets). Our structures are officially calculated and certified for safety (3-meter high structures that can be walked on) and wind / rain / snow load.


pup-2 Circular
Pop Up Pallets are literally 100% circular and sustainable. We pay attention to the last screw and the last piece of wood. Even the dust is reused! Since Pop Up Pallets was founded in 2012, Pop Up Pallets has no waste container. Our material is endlessly reused. The very first pallets that arrived at the workshop are still used to this day. The PUP pallet is made entirely of solid solid Scandinavian spruce wood from regulated wood extraction. Each plank is attached with 6 special nails to three solid beams of 10 cm. The PUP pallet is made of dry wood and is suitable for the interior and (after treatment) for outdoor use.


pup-3 CSR
Since the foundation of Pop Up Pallets, we have been a work / learn company. In our workshop, Pop Up Pallets offers people at a distance from the labor market an essential role in the labor process. In every project there is always someone from a learning situation present or involved. PUP is also a learning workplace for a practical school and we also give workshops to students.

Creative and sustainable

Pop Up Pallets develops sustainable experience concepts. Event concepts that make an essential contribution to experiencing the uniqueness of a company, an exhibition or a trade fair.

Our goal is to bind people in a sustainable way and fascinate them to your organization. CSR and sustainability go beyond the environment alone. The sustainable exhibition concepts of our events is an important precondition and one of the steps towards an environmentally friendly event policy. However, the awareness and introduction of CSR and sustainability themes within organizations is just as important. That is why Pop Up Pallets focuses primarily on the CSR pillar 'people-planet-profit' with its projects and concepts. Without personal awareness of visitors, employees and relations, a green-organized event will have little sustainable effect in the longer term.

Are you interested?

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Mobile stand construction

The “trendy & inspirational” look of PUP interiors, furniture and accessories make your mobile stand stand out on the exhibition floor. Involving the customer in the design of your mobile stand is central to this
Amersfoort-based company.

Mobile stands from Pop Up Pallets are very suitable if you want to take your stand with you, build it up, dismantle it and store it again for the next fair. Because with a mobile stand you do not need a stand builder (in this case you are the stand builder yourself), you save considerably on your costs. After all, wages are the largest cost item in regular stand construction. Mobile stands are usually bought (although renting is also possible) and are therefore particularly interesting for companies that regularly participate in trade fairs. Has your interest in mobile stand design been aroused? Then read on on our Mobile Stand Construction webpage, it will surprise you how many variations are possible with the PUP Pallets.