OLD and NEW at PUP? !!

New Year's Eve at PUP.jpeg (def)

Today is OLD and NEW at PUP? !!

In the middle of the year, we say goodbye to the old (two-man business) and embrace the new (one-man business).

To develop the PUP company into its own and innovative company. The open building system, collaboration, social entrepreneurship, inventing, building and lots of fun!
Anneke has put her heart and soul into organizing, personal attention, networking, marketing and unlimited enthusiasm! Without Anneke, Pup would not have become a PUP.

After 2 years of working together on Pop up Pallets, we will officially continue separately from today.
Egbert keeps PUP under his wing, Anneke spreads her wings and focuses on other activities.

The e-mail address anneke@popuppallets.nl is canceled, at the address a.savenije.1@gmail.com Anneke can also be reached via nl.linkedin.com/pub/anneke-savenije/13/470/68

best regards,
Egbert of Triest,
Anneke Savenije.



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phone: 06 41825953


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