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News flash.


The PuP team has made a flying start after the summer vacation.

On the first Monday after the holidays, at our first meeting, we immediately had two members of the editorial staff of the TV program Eigen Huis en Tuin at the table.

Whether we wanted to participate in an item for the program.

We soon agreed, of course we want to participate. It takes a while to find out in which construction.

There is creative switching and some thoughts go back and forth. We get Louis the gardener to visit and work out an item with him.

On Wednesday September 4th we have finished our office garden survey and all materials are ready for processing upstairs. We are very curious whether the pallets provide the desired inspiration.

The presenter of the program Lodewijk Hoekstra does something for the crew and together we step into the flow of creating images for the program. It is an adventure in itself to see what is involved in recording. It sparks on the Modemweg and we continue to be very enthusiastic about the team's enthusiasm for our product. It has been a few exciting hours of shooting and we are now very curious how they will edit 3 hours of film into a 2 minute item.

We will see on October 5. You are also watching, right?

5 Oct 6:05 PM RTL


own house and garden




Own house and garden.Own house and garden (installation)










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