Mobile Stand Construction

Why a Pop Up Pallets mobile stand?

PUP designer Egbert van Triest has designed a handy stand construction system for individual or cooperative building with fixed building elements… fast, smart, accessible and modular. The PUP system offers an excellent solution to the demand for temporary use of spaces and fresh concepts.

The “trendy & inspirational” look of PUP interiors, furniture and accessories make your mobile stand stand out on the exhibition floor. Involving the customer in the design of your mobile stand is central to this Amersfoort-based company.

Mobile stands from Pop Up Pallets are very suitable if you want to take your stand with you, set up, dismantle and store it again for the next fair. Because you do not need a stand builder with a mobile stand (in this case you are the stand builder yourself), you save a lot on your costs. After all, wages are the largest cost item in regular stand construction. Mobile stands are usually bought (although renting is also possible) and are therefore especially interesting for companies that regularly participate in trade fairs.

A mobile stand from PUP is durable

PUP pallets are by definition sustainable and are made in the Netherlands from certified FSC wood. A PUP pallet is sturdy, has a favorable size and can be used and reused in more than 100 ways. Moreover, manufacturing hardly produces any waste. A PUP mobile stand can be quickly set up and taken down, easily stored for reuse at the next event and is also cheaper than other forms of stand construction.

The PUP Pallet makes designing and co-creation accessible.

Why should you choose Pop Up Pallets mobile stand construction?
We are happy to list the benefits for you:

  • Highly cost-effective because you build the stand yourself
  • The construction time is short and special tools are not required to assemble the exhibition stand.
  • Reusable for many trade shows
  • Environmentally friendly (no or little waste)
  • You are not dependent on an external party
  • Extremely suitable for exhibition participation abroad. The PUP Pallets are easy to store and transport.

Have a look at the examples of PUP's stand construction, where the stand can be rebuilt and dismantled many times, and in any desired shape and unique appearance:Pallet mobile stand construction

A mobile stand is a form of modular stand construction

The available floor space of your exhibition stand is of course decisive for the end result.
We offer you a wide variety of mobile stand applications: driving stand, corner stand, head stand, island stand or walk-through stand… a solution is possible for every shape.
Once the right shape for your stand has been found, we will help you determine the color of the floor and walls. Your mobile stand can of course be provided with images, logos and texts.
The stand design and furniture also have numerous possibilities. You can choose from counters, bar stools, standing tables, coffee corners, displays and showcases, all with a natural, sustainable appearance.
We are happy to help and advise you when it comes to (mobile) stand construction.

If you are interested in mobile stand construction, please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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