Sustainable Stand Construction

Sustainable stand construction with a natural look

Fortunately, awareness is growing in our society for the use of environmentally friendly or sustainable products. More and more consumers, companies and governments are aware of the added value. We find that sustainable initiatives are being developed in many areas. Support for the application of environmentally friendly techniques and materials is also growing in the event industry. After all, there is a great demand for sustainable solutions.

Pop Up Pallets (PUP) develops new sustainable high-quality ways of stand construction, because we feel called to make the event sector more environmentally friendly. We contribute with great enthusiasm to sustainability at trade fairs, events, in showrooms or exhibition areas.

PUP pallets are by definition sustainable and are made in the Netherlands from certified FSC wood. A PUP pallet is sturdy, has a favorable size and can be used and reused in more than 100 ways. Moreover, manufacturing hardly produces any waste. A Pup sustainable stand can be quickly set up and taken down, easily stored for reuse at the next event and is also cheaper than other forms of stand construction.

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Sustainable stand construction is better for the environment and your budget

Pop Up Pallets is your sustainable and unburdening partner in the field of exhibition and interior projects. Green thinking and respect for nature run like a thread through our organization.
Usually companies and organizations invest in a booth to use it more often. Pop Up Pallets knows how to design, produce and furnish a good exhibition stand and guarantees that the design can be reused often, without loss of quality. Because we develop modular stands, this offers a great deal of freedom for new design and innovative developments.
We have extensive experience in stand construction for various industries, target groups and locations and we build stands for fairs and expositions in the Netherlands but also abroad, where the objectives of our client are central. If you are about to participate in a trade fair, we brainstorm extensively with you or your project team to determine your requirements and wishes.

The design and layout of your sustainable stand

To meet the demand for temporary use of spaces and fresh concepts, designer Egbert van Triest came up with “POP-UP-PALLETS”, a handy system for designing and, cooperatively or otherwise, building with fixed building elements ... quickly, smart, accessible and modular.
With a focus on “trendy & inspiration” PUP develops interiors, furniture and accessories. Involving the customer in the design is central to this Amersfoort-based company.

The PUP building block makes collaboration and design very accessible.

The dimensions of your exhibition stand are of course decisive for the result. We offer a wide variety of applications: driving stand, corner stand, head stand, island stand or walk-through stand… a solution is possible for every shape.
When the right shape for your stand has been found, we will help you determine the color of the floor and walls. Your exhibition stand can of course be provided with images, logos and texts.
The design and furniture for your exhibition stand also has many possibilities. You can choose from counters, bar stools, standing tables, coffee corners, displays and showcases with a natural, sustainable look.

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