Prototype sustainable pallet ready!

PUP cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer is taking shape.

PUP dreams of a completely Dutch product… a pallet of sustainable Dutch wood as a building block for our pallet furniture line.
We found out that sharing dreams works in conversation with Lodewijk from EH&T of the RTL-4 program. He put us in touch with Staatsbosbeheer and we are now working with them on a sustainable furniture line, not in scaffolding wood but in pallets, a sustainable pallet of Hollands Hout.

Sharing is the new multiplication.

Our followers now know that we work at our best in co-creation processes with multiple parties. Sharing expertise makes a product strong ... we are very enthusiastic about the development. The wood samples from Staatsbosbeheer have now been processed. The prototype of the sustainable pallet is ready. The discussion points for a follow-up process have been collected…. Keep an eye on our site in 2 weeks we will report more news.

Curious about Staatsbosbeheer check the site;

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