Sustainable festival event building system

Sustainable festival and event building system from PUP

The fair-trade and fair-made festival and event building system of Pop Up Pallets is extremely suitable for setting up festivals and events. For the construction and dismantling of an event, in whatever shape or size, you have come to the right place at Pop Up Pallets!


  • a dance party
  • a food festival
  • a pop up restaurant
  • an exhibition
  • an exhibition
  • a presentation
  • a wedding party
  • scholarships
  • a party

The options are many!

An inspiring environment is always created with the PUP designs!

Pop Up Pallets has extensive experience in setting up and dismantling events and festivals and can offer a wide variety of modular options. We believe in a fair and beautiful product: Pop Up Pallets are made in the Netherlands from European solid white spruce wood, are FSC approved, dry and ready for use. Our pallets have one size, but can be used in different ways and are endlessly reusable. PUP develops and designs in-house and makes a social contribution by training people at a distance from the labor market. A PUP furniture is reusable because it consists of standard parts, which can be easily enlarged or reduced and transformed into any desired model.

Cambridge Pavilion

In addition to furnishing festivals, events and parties with furniture, Pop up Pallets has developed the wooden Pavilion Cambridge. With this we create an inspiring environment with a sustainable appearance inside or outside. A Pavilion can be used for any type of event, can be used in a modular way and can be fully adapted to the wishes of the client.
The walls contain shelves, which can be used as desired for the decoration material, products or displays. Due to the attractive material, virtually no decoration is required. The great advantage of the attractive wooden 'chalet' (also called 'log cabin) compared to, for example, a Pagoda or Parade tent, is the robust construction. Rain, hail, snow or storm will not cause unsafe situations. The Cambridge Pavilion 'is rock solid'!

More information can be found in the brochure Cambridge Pavilion

Foodcorner Canberra

The food corner or food court Canberra designed by Pop Up Pallets is half of the Pavilion Cambridge and especially suitable for the distribution of food products. More information can be found in the Canberra brochure .

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