COVID-19 solutions from pallets

Queue regulation

Pop Up Pallets interior designs help you to continue your business safely in the relaxation of COVID-19 measures during the corona crisis

Pop Up Pallets creates sustainable and modular solutions by designing temporary or permanent interior or furniture from fair trade and fair-made pallets.

Our society will never be the same after spring 2020. This has consequences for our hospitality industry, education, events and festivals, healthcare, business and retail. As a leader in the field of CSR and sustainability, Pop Up Pallets experiences that the corona crisis is steering us towards a future full of innovations.

With Covid-19 solutions of pallets you can safely continue your business activities

Corona proof business will be necessary… and most likely will remain!

Our Pop Up Pallets designers can create a tailor-made interior design that allows you to use your space as efficiently as possible, while complying with the corona measure: keep 1.5 meters away.
Scientists are currently investigating whether wooden surfaces are virus resistant due to the microstructure and the presence of anti-microbial substances. The coronavirus is contained in grease, so it is recommended to regularly wash your hands with soap, which dissolves the grease to kill the virus. It is analyzed whether untreated wood breaks down fat in a short time, which will cause the Covid-19 virus to disintegrate and become harmless. We await the results of the independent investigation. Read the article here .

Our solutions can be built in no time, allowing you to welcome your customers, patients, students or guests with peace of mind in an environment that is safe for everyone.

PUP pallets can be compared to Lego building blocks. Do you prefer a longer table ... or do you no longer want a table, but for example a cupboard or partition? You can use our pallets endlessly. Change as often and as much as you want!

We cannot ignore it… 1.5 meters of society!

With desk or office partitions you create an appropriate distance between employees during work or customers, in the case of business discussions & meetings, according to the standard of one and a half meters of society. Regulating queues also requires solutions that keep 1.5 meters away. Movable hygiene displays with preventive means such as disinfecting wipes, sanitary gel, gloves, etc., can contribute to safety.
The catering industry can use a (temporary or permanent) modular bar or counter, of course with corona-proof adjustments.

All modular COVID-19 solutions from Pop Up Pallets can be converted into new designs!

The advantage of Pop Up Pallets inventory is that all designs can be converted into new designs!
A bar can later become a lounge sofa, a desk can later serve as a standing table. |

Even during the corona crisis, Pop Up Pallets offers friendly-priced solutions and a multifaceted package of designs and ideas to restart offices, hotels, cafes, shops, restaurants, service practices, event and sports accommodations as quickly as possible!

Also read the article about corona-proof office design and queue regulation at shops, supermarkets, department stores, garden centers and hardware stores in the one-and-a-half meter society.

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Queue regulation for supermarkets, department stores, garden centers and hardware stores
Queue regulation for supermarkets, department stores, garden centers and hardware stores

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