Corona-proof office design from sustainable pallets

Corona-proof office furnishings

How will the Netherlands soon be able to work safely in the office again in the one-and-a-half meter economy? Of course with a modular corona-proof office design!

It is inevitable… the one and a half meters of society also has consequences for the office environment.
In order to optimize the possibility of keeping a distance, the occupancy in the building is reduced and the walking route is regulated. But what will that look like in an office environment?
In order to maintain a distance at the entrance to the office building, sufficient space must be created between employees and visitors. This can result in a queue of waiting people who must also be separated by 1.5 meters from each other. Pop Up Pallets also has COVID-19 queue regulation solutions.
It goes without saying that the office workplaces, the canteen, the copying room, the warehouse and the meeting places must also be equipped corona-proof.

Pop Up Pallets offers sustainable modular interior solutions to make commercial spaces, office spaces, meeting rooms, canteens corona-proof.

Good hygiene is important to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Microorganisms easily adhere to smooth surfaces. By antibacterial cleaning of these surfaces and washing hands with grease-dissolving soap, the risk of contamination is reduced.
Due to the microstructure and the presence of anti-microbial substances, wooden surfaces are relatively virus resistant. The coronavirus lives in fat, therefore it is recommended to regularly wash hands with soap, which has the property of dissolving fat to kill the COVID-19 virus.
Untreated wood will break down fat in just 4 hours, causing the virus to disintegrate and become harmless.

Placing modular displays with preventive agents such as disinfecting hand gel, gloves and sterile wipes in frequently visited places in company buildings and offices increases the safety of the employees.
It is recommended to place a prevention display or hygiene unit at the entrance of your company building or office, where a visitor can disinfect his hands upon entry and read the hygiene guidelines that apply within the company.
The hygiene unit is easy to place at the entrance of your office or business premises and is ready within a few minutes.
Our interior designers can create a tailor-made design at short notice, with which you can use the space in your office or business premises to the maximum, efficiently and corona-proof, while your company can still meet the safety requirements in the field of one and a half meter distance requirements.

Pop Up Pallets' corona-proof office furnishings can protect you and your employees and customers against the COVID-19 virus

Pop Up Pallets offers a complete package of products and ideas to start up again in offices, hotels, catering and restaurants. Is your idea or wish not listed? Ask us, we will find a solution.

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Pop Up Pallets also has COVID-19 queue regulation and door policy solutions for shops, supermarkets, department stores, garden centers and hardware stores.

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