Completed the giveaway

James bond setting

Take a Clipjes factory and a new inspiring space with many square meters
without furniture. Where 15 enthusiastic students are accompanied by some
professionals are proficient in various facets of the media profession.
Add a Pop up Pallets company with a wish to be flexible with a group of people
Go build office furniture and capture it in a movie and you have it all
ingredients for an interesting match.
Add a hashtag #dtv and a master connector Herman Dummer and off you go
a world open.

On April 4, a co-creation session will start in which the PuP design team will be a guest in
the new space of the Clipjesfabriek, which is located in the beautiful library of
Almere. An open space that inspires and where a group of enthusiastic young dogs
is eager to move into the space. There is one but… there is no money to put it in
to target.
We at Pop up Pallets have a desire to illuminate the concept of social design and how
you can do that, we'll give away some pallets.

Co-creating occurs when the Clipjesfabriek makes a counter offer, what would it be like if we did
make you happy with our specialty, namely movies. Here come the sparks! We
explain that we are 100% convinced that space affects well-being
of users. If you want a creative setting, we have standard office furniture
no positive influence on that. If you use the PuP pallets for the interior, then hook
you respond to an unprecedented number of variations and possibilities. 6 pallets is already a sturdy one
to create a desk for 2 people. If the need changes, you can get there with ease
workplaces when building or removing the screws and, for example, a stage
building or a catwalk for a presentation.

What if you gave the users of the space tools for their own office furniture?
to design? What would happen then ...? We see it this way ... palletism is
contagious. There is an enthusiastic click, people think and bubbles arise
the other side of the then somewhat stately office table.
Deal. You create designs and think about your space. We come to one
suitable moment with a stack of pallets, the materials and you give construction instructions.
All designs come in the open source environment of PuP and we see what happens
ends up.

The Clipjesfabriek young people are going to work with our help. We leave a box of foam
blocks behind so that the person who cannot move forward in sketch up can get started with the
cubes made to scale. Bring on those designs… we rejoice.
To be continued…

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