Covid-19 collection

Our modular and sustainable interior designs ensure that companies in a multitude of sectors, with the relaxation of the corona measures, can safely continue their business activities. Corona proof business will be necessary… and most likely will remain!

With smart products such as desk or office partitions, you create an appropriate distance between employees during work or customers in case of business discussions & meetings, entirely in accordance with the standard of one and a half meters of society. Regulating queues also requires solutions that keep 1.5 meters away. Movable displays with prevention means such as disinfecting wipes, sanitary gel, gloves, etc., can contribute to safety. The catering industry can use a (temporary or not) modular bar or counter, of course with corona-proof adjustments.

Covid-19 counter

Design and build in NO time

Are you, for example, looking for a sturdy table made of pallet wood, a service desk, a (lounge) sofa, a handy standing table, a functional conference table, a desk or a cupboard for your business operations, your event or your home? We see it as the ultimate challenge to come up with sustainable and creative interior solutions together with our customer.!

PUP pallets can be compared to Lego building blocks. You can easily design your own flexible, creative PUP setup with a construction package of pallets and the construction drawings in Google sketch UP or look at the existing designs on our website. Do you prefer a longer table ... or do you no longer want a table, but for example a cupboard or partition? You can use our pallets endlessly. Change as often and as much as you want!

Everything is possible and the variation in designs is endless, because the users of our pallets are invited to share designs and ideas online.

Pop Up Pallets

Why would you buy an expensive design interior if it can also be simple, sustainable and responsible? Pallet wood is relatively cheap. With the specially designed pallets from Pop Up Pallets (PUP) and a little creativity, we create the most beautiful interiors for you!

We focus on designs for private individuals but especially on the business market when it comes to catering, shop and office furnishings and deliver beautiful functional designs for presentation and stand construction.

You can indicate what requirements you set for your business interior and we will get to work on the design. We make a proposal and you can have it adjusted as desired until the desired result is achieved.




Sustainability and fair trade production

We believe in a fair and beautiful product: PUP Pallets are made in the Netherlands from European solid white spruce wood, are FSC approved, dry and ready for use. The PUP pallet has one size, but can be used in thousands of ways and is endlessly reusable.

Our socially engaged company is committed to making a social contribution:


  • PUP develops and designs in-house, always with the same handy and durable FSC pallet that we made ourselves.
  • A PUP furniture is reusable because it consists of standard parts, which can be easily enlarged or reduced.
  • PUP hardly produces any waste and recycles its own material.
  • As a training company, PUP offers work experience, pleasure and self-confidence to 5 people at a distance from the labor market.